veloboy T1E

Bike rack and loader for up to two heavier bikes such as e-bikes or e-mountain bikes (max. total load: ca. 45 kg). The veloboy T1E is 72 cm wide and 135 cm long, making it wider and more stable than the veloboy T2. The veloboy T1E is the right choice for the bikes that weigh a little bit more (such as touring bicycles and pedelecs).

Using the veloboy T1E you can mount up to 2 bicycles outside the car easily without having to lift the whole weight of the e-bike and without bending down. Then you roll the whole "package" into the car and secure it with a tension belt.

In which car can you use the veloboy? In all cars that offer enough space for a bike (without its front wheel) in an upright position. So for touring bicycles and pedelecs these are preferably minivans/vans or SUVs. The veloboy also fits very well into RVs!

You can use all types of fork mounts with the T1E. Use our sturdy waterproof veloboy bag to stow the bike's front wheel during transportation.

When positioned in the car the bikes and the veloboy MUST be secured with, for instance, a tension belt.

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