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    Der veloboy Fahrradträger ist ein Leichtgewicht aus Aluminium.

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    Der neue VW Passat Variant ist ideal für den Transport im Auto mit dem Fahrradträger veloboy.

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veloboy - The in-car bike rack

The in-car bike rack and loader. Simply put your bike on the veloboy and roll it into the car. It's that simple!

veloboy is not only a bike rack but also a bike loader. No more lifting the bikes over your head, no more cramming bikes haphazardly into your car. Simply put the bikes on the rack and then roll the complete load into the car.

Veloboy is available for 2 or for 3 bicycles. Veloboy is lightweight and easy to handle. Veloboy is the ideal bike carrier to safely transport your bikes inside your car.

The advantages

Veloboy enables you to easily load bikes into your car without getting backpain.
Less fuel consumption is good for your wallet.
Adjustable fork mounts provide optimal space-saving positioning of the bicycles. No installation necessary in the car. The veloboy is independent of car type
Your precious bikes are better protected against theft inside your car.
The veloboy (type T2) may also be used as a mobile maintenance unit.
Reduce the height of the bikes by pretensioning the suspension fork.

Which car

Veloboy works with any hatchback that has sufficient space in its interior. The bike you want to transport must be slid into the car in an upright position.

If you have a bike with a suspension fork you can use our height adjuster to pretension it and gain 10-13cm additional height room in your car to transport the bike. Take a look at our short tutorial to find out whether your car offers enough space here: (find out required space). Thanks to the flat design of the veloboy and the adjustable fork mounts your bikes can be stored in a very compact way on the left or right side of your car, leaving you enough space for lots of travel luggage or a third passenger.

Our Address

Imexin AG
Mittlere Strasse 8
3600 Thun
Telefon: +41-33-227 33 34
E-mail: vertrieb(at)veloboy.de