veloboy T2

Collapsible bike rack and loader for up to two sport bikes (max. total load: 30 kg) but no e-bikes. With our collapsible veloboy T2 you can easily load your bikes on the veloboy outside your car then roll the whole load into your car.

The veloboy T2 weighs only 3,7 kg and is made of aluminum. The fork mounts that fix the front-wheel fork are mounted on the profile rail - developed by us - with a clamp lever. This means the bicylces can be positioned in a very compact way as the fork mounts can freely move and turn on the profile rail.

Opened, the veloboy T2 measures 127 cm in length whereas it's only 77cm long when collapsed. The width of the veloboy T2 is 66 cm. With these dimensions you can still use one seat in the rear passenger compartment.

Optionally the veloboy T2 can be equipped with a Maintenance Support which makes the veloboy a small mobile work place.

We have fork mounts for most forks. We provide a sturdy waterproof veloboy bag for transporting bike wheels up to 29" in size.

When positioned in the car the bikes and the veloboy MUST be secured with, for instance, a tension belt. 

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